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One School, One Book 2021

Dupont’s One Book One School:  Begins, Thursday, August 26th!

TOYS!  Amazing Stories Behind Some Great Inventions by Don Wulffson

Listen to chapters being read aloud and upload optional Home Activities to Dupont’s Flip Grid:







Optional Home Activities

Families are encouraged to read together each evening the assigned pages.  Each day a new trivia question will be announced to the students.  

There are weekly optional home activities that you may want to complete with your child.  Share your family’s activity on Dupont’s FlipGrid for a chance to win a prize!

August 26

Teacher reads the intro and The Slinky.  Pages 3 - 10. 

Book goes home with each student.  

August 27

Read pages 

11 - 13


Share your favorite toy!

Upload a flip grid video of your child showing and talking about their favorite toy.  Have your child tell why it’s their favorite toy.  

August 30

pages 14 - 18


August 31

Pages 19 - 27

Read Tops, 

Mr. Potato Head

Sept 1

pp 28 - 39

Playing Cards

Silly Putty

Sept 2

pp  40 - 49

Windup Toys, Hobbyhorses

Sept 3

pp  50 - 62

Bicycles, Remote-Controlled Toys

Make your own Mr./Mrs. Potato Head

For inspiration

Post picture on flipgrid

Sept 6

Labor Day

Sept 7

pp 63 - 72

Raggedy Ann,

Toy Soldiers

Sept 8

pp  73 - 85

Twister, Parcheesi, Checkers

Sept 9

pp 86 - 94

Magic Rocks, Super Ball

Sept 10

pp 95 - 105

Toy Trains, Play-Doh

Sept 11

BIKE RODEO with Hopewell Sheriff's Department.  See back of this sheet for more information!  15 bikes to give away!! Share pictures of your time at the Bike Rodeo to Dupont’s FlipGrid.  

Sept 13

pp 106 - 117

Table Tennis, From Pinball to Video

Sept 14

pp 118 - 129

Trivial Pursuit,


Sept 15

pp 130 - 143

Dolls, Hot Wheels

Sept 16

pp 144 - 156

Monopoly, Pokemon

Sept 17

pp  157 - 168 

Scrabble, Skateboards

As a family, design a road track for your hot wheels Or make a recipe of homemade Play Dough.

Sept 20

pp  169 - 177

Wiffle Balls,

Novelty Gags

Optional Family Activity:  Have a family night of board games.  Upload a picture/video to Dupont’s Flip grid to share and inspire other families. 

We hope you enjoyed this year’s book!  Keep reading and discovering as a family!