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Student Experience

Students at Hopewell City Public Schools have a unique experience every day!

We’re the first division in the commonwealth to move to a year-round Balanced Calendar school year model. 

We’ve partnered with High Tech High in San Diego, CA to further our abilities in project-based learning and deeper learning frameworks

We’re one of 15 Innovative School Divisions in the commonwealth, named by Governor Ralph Northam. 

We offer an array of Career and Technical Education programs to our high schoolers, as well as a smorgasbord of extracurriculars

Most recently, we’ve partnered with the City of Hopewell’s Office of Youth to create the ‘Well, a youth center where students of all ages can come to study, play games, hang out, and even grab a coffee at the cafe. 

We’re proud of the uniquely Hopewell experiences we provide our students. That’s some #HopewellMagic!