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School Profile

Principal: Ms. Patricia Lobo

Assist. Principal: Mrs. Myisha Baines


300 S. 18th Avenue

Hopewell, VA 23860

Phone: 804.541.6406

Fax: 804.541.6407


School Hours: 8:05 am-3:05 pm

Office Hours: 7:00 am-4:00 pm


Early Release: 12:05 pm




History of Dupont Elementary


The original DuPont School was built in 1929, to serve grades one through seven.  Mrs. Virginia Lewis served as principal from 1929 until her retirement in 1941.  Mr. William Morris was the next principal, serving from 1941 to 1943.  Mr.  Charles N. Moore was appointed principal in 1944.  At that time there were 381 students, two sections of grade one through seven.  In 1950, a major renovation was undertaken.  A new cafeteria and auditorium were added, and the old auditorium was converted into four additional classrooms while a library replaced the old cafeteria.  By 1955, enrollment had increased resulting in the first grades attending on two shifts.  To alleviate this condition, a primary wing was added in 1957. By 1967, there were approximately 950 students at DuPont.  In 1968, when the new high school was completed, the sixth and seventh grades were relocated at James E. Mallonee. With Mrs. Moore's promotion to Director of Instruction in July 1968, Mr. D. Vance Holbert was named the school's principal.  In 1971, the rezoning of the city increased DuPont's enrollment and six mobile units were installed to service the additional students.  Mr.  Richard Hoagland was named the school's principal in 1974 upon the sudden death of Mr. Holbert and remained in that position until 1987.  In 1975, renovations which included painting, adding storage facilities, rewiring, and heat control were completed.  Half-day kindergarten classes were also added that year.  In 1982, the fifth grade classes were relocated at Carter G. Woodson School, and kindergarten classes began attending school all day.  Mrs. Sue Jones was transferred to the position of principal after serving 10 years as a central office administrator in 1987.

In January 1990, the new DuPont Elementary School was completed.  This modern facility serves approximately 750 students.  DuPont houses a central pullout program for academically accelerated learners in grades 3 through 5 and a number of special services programs which serve students from the whole system. Ms. Janet Covington was principal from July 1997 until July 2000.  In 2000, a school wide Title I program was implemented. Mr. Robert Jackson was principal from July 2000 though July 2002.  Mrs. Faye Bradley was principal from August 2002-2003. Mrs.Tina Barringer was the principal from 2003-December 2010.  The current principal is Ms. Carla Fizer. 

School Programs

  • Soaring to Success (STS)- A school-wide intervention and enrichment block for students in grades 1-5. 
  • Remediation Program - This program tutors students in Grades K - 5 during school hours. This program emphasizes the Reading and Math SOL's.
  • Math & Science Center Field Trips - Students virtually visit the Math, Science and Innovation Center to experience a hands-on science or math activity.
  • Title I Reading - A program that assists students with Reading. It includes Literacy Groups and Reading Recovery.
  • Central Pull Out Program - This program serves accelerated students in Grades 3 - 5 from all elementary schools. There is an emphasis on critical, creative, and higher-level thinking skills in all subject areas for these students.
  • STAR Reading - A networked software program that tests each student's reading level. It provides an Instruction Reading Level, a Grade Equivalency, and a Zone of Proximal Development (ZPD) for each student. This program works in conjunction with Accelerated Reader (AR) and Reading Renaissance.
  • STAR Math - A networked software program that tests each student's math level. It provides an Instructional Math Level and a Grade Equivalency for each student.